Arrow MPS and Victorian stage 4 restrictions

Arrow MPS is committed to supporting the effort to control the current COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria. We will be adhering to the Governments restrictions in word and in spirit to assist the effort to keep all Victorians safe into the future.

Our Victorian Manufacturing operations will be limited to supporting only those industries permitted to continue operating as described in the Victorian DHHS published information.

We realise that this may impact some of our valued customers, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. If you are at all unsure if the work you require done falls into the essential category please get in touch on 03 9551 4371, we can discuss it with you.

Above all, stay safe and strong, we can get through this together.

All the best from the team at Arrow MPS.

Exporting to China.

No-one exports to China from Australia except for resource companies!

Not true – this month Arrow MPS will be shipping a batch of refurbished vehicle test rollers to China for use in the Chinese Automotive Industry. Chinese high volume manufacturing understands that quality is very important to their customers. Delivering to these expectations requires running a quality operation and so when it came time to refurbish the rolling road test machines they turned to Australia to deliver a long lasting product at a world competitive price point.

We are now entering a phase in the growth story of China where quality is becoming paramount and it is this change that offers great opportunities for Australian manufacturers. This is happening in much the same way as it did in the Japanese manufacturing industry during the 70’s and 80’s. If you want some foresight, sometimes it pays to look back.

Vehicle rolling road test roller being coated with high wearing high friction matarial

Vehicle rolling road test roller being coated with high wearing high friction material

The Hon. Karen Andrews MP, Assistant Minister for Science visits Arrow MPS.





Today Arrow MPS had the honour of receiving The Hon. Karen Andrews MP,
Assistant Minister for Science,  at our Dandenong South site to review the progress on our automated concrete scrap recycling system.

Ms. Andrews was most interested in the benefits to the local economy that this new machine will create when production begins in the second quarter of 2016 and encouraged us to ensure that this Australian innovation fully exploits the global markets available to it.

Our automated concrete scrap recycling system takes waste product from the concrete production process and recycles it into a sand that is suitable for re-use in the production process. This innovation will mean that scrap material will not need to be handled or disposed of, and new material is not required to replace that which is scrapped. Each machine can provide savings of over $100,000 per annum and save around 200 tonnes of carbon emissions associated with disposal and replacement of scrap material.

We expect that our production facility will create 20 new jobs in Dandenong South and also supply new work to tier 1 and tier 2 level suppliers in Australian manufacturing.

Arrow MPS is most grateful for the assistance we have received from the Department of Industry on this project, in particular from Mr. Ron Mack and Ms. Olivia Bartley from the Department.



2016 – Off and running

Hard to believe but we are now in the second half of the decade – the difficult teen years! As with adolescence this decade is throwing up some particular challenges, presenting some really interesting opportunities and keeping us all on our toes with some pretty crazy mood swings!

Close to home Australian manufacturing is beginning to prepare for the closure of the Automotive Industry. This is not a small matter and our economy is going to feel the impact of this for some time into the future. Toyota and Holdens’ manufacturing operations each have the same economic size as the state of Tasmania, with Ford not much smaller. Making cars is hard work and requires highly complex procedures and systems to keep those cars rolling off the  line in the right colour, correct trim and equipment etc. All of the Engineers, Purchasing managers, Administrative staff and Management will be available to other industries – the opportunity here is for these highly skilled people to lift the capability of the remainder of Australian industries. We are however losing a lot of our Automotive Engineers to China and the US, this is a real risk to our capability. Once we lose the expertise it is very hard to get it back.

So where to for the Aussie Manufacturing Industries? The answer is broad and it’s well known – innovation. Make something where there was nothing before and wealth is created, new businesses formed and new jobs hit the internet. The key areas for us to exploit are around renewable energy, recycling and re-processing of waste, the smart application of 3D printing, 3D environments, and my favourite, connectivity of everything to the internet.

It’s time to start dreaming big – the tools and the people are available to make anything happen. Our challenge is to develop our ideas locally, keeping the economic benefits that come from fully commercialising an idea.

So from us at Arrow to our customers, suppliers and to all those having a go in Australian Industry – have an awesome 2016. It’s a year for building foundations for what will be a new landscape post 2017!




Large Rotary Valve

Arrow MPS has won a contract with a large Australian cement importer to make a business critical rotary valve, The Large Rotary Valve dispenses cement dust from a 100T silo at a rate of 9 Tonnes/min.

The unit is a trial unit and after successful testing, more valves will follow.

We worked with the designer to improve the operation and ease of manufacture.

Production is going well and we expect to deliver ahead of contract terms.

Arrow MPS is an Australian Medium sized Engineering firm, who specialise in low volume complex mechanical engineering solutions.

1m Rotary Valve under construction

1m Rotary Valve under construction


Arrow and Newbeach Combine

Arrow Engineering and Newbeach MPS are separate companies with the same directors, same premises, different employees and similar work. As from July 1 we are merging these two businesses into one entity called ‘Arrow MPS’. Until now Newbeach MPS business is concrete roof tile machines, parts and service) and Arrow Engineering  is a jobbing works that manufactures, Cylinders, as well as general Machining and Fabrication business. Continue reading