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arrow MPS


Arrow MPS is an extremely capable business that never shies away from a challenge. With in house skills to tackle almost any job and a wide network of trusted specialist suppliers we can get anything done to exacting standards

Precision Fabrication


Our skilled tradesman can take your ideas and fabricate them into a reality. Whether it be a machine enclosure, a cage for the back of your ute or a new glad for your drilling rig we can take whatever you want and produce it for you. We have the capability to weld a broad range of materials utilising MIG, TIG, stick, oxygen/acetylene, brazing, soldering and tinning.

Mechanical Design

With experienced CAD designers and ex-automotive product engineers on staff we can take your project through design to product drawings and on to manufacture. Even further we can then support you with spare parts and service. Our approach is to support you through the entire life cycle of any project from conception through to decommissioning – albeit after many, many years of service.

We also contract experienced motion control and electrical engineers to integrate our designs into your existing plant control systems.


Project Management

The principals of the business, Mr Antony Dowdle and Mr Greg Weir, bring years of project management experience with them which you can benefit from. Arrow MPS have a vast network of trusted specialist contactors who can perform any type of work you may need, all managed from a single control centre

Our experience in project management was developed in varied industries and has resulted in a unique blend of skills that will mean your most challenging projects can be delegated with confidence.

Previous projects include,

  • South East Asian vehicle assembly plant – green field site
  • Melbourne based zinc reclamation plant – green field site
  • OEM Vehicle design projects – seating, seat belts, door trims, air bags and braking systems
  • Foundry efficiency and safety projects
  • Financial services product development
  • Business continuity and Risk management

Short Run Manufacturing

Do you need Milling? Turning? or Grinding? Our CNC machinery with automatic feedstock capability mean short run manufacturing batches can be produced economically in Australia where you can see and touch the samples as they come off the machine. Locally manufactured means no surprises upon opening an imported container of product. We are regularly engaged to re-work imported components and encourage all our customers to carefully consider the benefits of maintaining local control over your manufacturing.

In addition to customer work we utilise this manufacturing capability to build our spare parts inventories at very low cost ensuring that our OEM spare parts cannot be beaten for price, quality and delivery.