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About Us

Our core business is supplying parts and service to industrial niches. We have the capability to design and build machines to perform a wide range of functions. We also provide parts for urgent breakdowns, when they are hard to get or as an alternative to OEM parts. If you have any machining work or projects that we can assist you with, we’d be happy to talk to you.

We have an excellent track record in coming up with innovative solutions to our customers’ problems.

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Arrow MPS traces its roots back more than 50 years to the early days of concrete roof tile manufacturing and precision engineering.

Over the years, through boom times and bust the companies that now make up Arrow MPS have grown and contracted for many reasons, both external and internal. In 2011 Mr Antony Dowdle – Founding Partner – acquired Turmac Engineering, a 50 year old engineering business that was struggling in the aftermath of the 2008 economic crisis. In the space of 12 months Antony returned the business, renamed Arrow Engineering, to profitability and set his sights on further expansion.

The next opportunity came with an introduction to Vortex Hydra SRL of Italy in early 2012. In return for assistance in the acquisition of Globe Machines, one of the world’s pre-eminent concrete roof tile manufacturing machinery producers, Antony was awarded the licence to distribute machines, parts and service in the A&NZ region. With the acquisition of Globe Machines by Vortex Hydra SRL completed, Mr Greg Weir – Managing Partner – was engaged to integrate the Australian and New Zealand operations of Globe Machines into Arrow Engineering through an interim company, New beach MPS p/l, and then to head the Operations and Human Resources divisions of the company.

In late 2012 Arrow Engineering acquired Airvalve Engineering from the retiring owner. This new business brought expertise in NFPA hydraulic cylinder manufacture, servicing and spare parts supply. A key driver of this acquisition was the diverse and impressive customer list that includes many companies that produce products in Australia that are recognisable to us all. With this latest acquisition integrated in mid 2013, all three companies, Arrow Engineering, Newbeach MPS and Airvalve Engineering were merged to form Arrow MPS.

Our Customers

We are privileged to provide products for some of the best names in the Australian market place, businesses that enable the renowned Australian life style to thrive. We are proud to be a part of the fabric that makes up Australian industry.

You would recognise many of the companies that we currently support in industries such as mining and mineral processing, building, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, government, defence, print media, waste management and food.

We’d love to add your business to this esteemed group.
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Our Future

Arrow MPS has been formed through merger and acquisition of a number of leading companies in the industrial / manufacturing sector. The resulting business has expertise covering precision machining, machine design and build, complex tungsten carbide, manufacturing plant decommissioning, excellent problem solving / trouble shooting capability and a passion for delivering these expertise to our customers.

We believe our future is bright and our growing reach across the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing and industrial sectors supports this belief. We are always looking for bright, enthusiastic people to join our team. If you have an interest in joining us with relevant qualifications in machining, fitting, sales, administration or engineering please get in touch with us via

Our reason for being are our customers, we believe in cultivating excellent two way relationships that benefits us all. If you feel that Arrow MPS can offer you the skills, expertise and service that you have been searching for, please get in touch, we will delight in exceeding your expectations.

Our Staff

We are fortunate to employ highly skilled and dedicated people across our business. On the shop floor our staff average 18 years’ experience across fitting, turning, milling, welding and cnc programming. The average tenure with the business is an impressive 15 years.

This team achieves fantastic results.