Tungsten Carbide

For high wear applications you cannot go past Tungsten Carbide. With a density more than twice that of steel Tungsten Carbide can give years of service where a hardened steel of up to 62 Rockwell will last only a few months.

Our considerable experience with Tungsten Carbide comes from years of working with the extrusion of concrete in the roof tile industry. We can specify material grade, optimum shape and application for your particular needs.

Some applications of tungsten carbide are
• Cutting tips for machining
• Forming rollers for abrasive materials
• Separating blades
• Bed plates for sliding contact
• Localised coating of high pressure or impact areas.

Tungsten carbide can be made as a solid component in intricate shapes, applied as a coating for thicknesses up to 1 mm or combined with steel backing plates to form composites. In most high wear circumstances Tungsten Carbide is the economically responsible choice.